The Monkeywrench
Mark Arm, Vocals
Steve Turner, Bass/Vocals
Tim Kerr, Guitar/Vocals
Tom Price, Guitar/Vocals
Martin Bland, Drums/Vocals

Formed in 1991, Seattle

The Monkeywrench formed after Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner met an artist they admired, Tim Kerr, the former guitarist with the punk bands Big Boys and Poison 13.

They rounded out their lineup with the guitarist Tom Price, formerly of Gas Huffer and U-Men and drummer Martin Bland, who also played with Mark Arm with a band called "Bloodloss".  Sub Pop Records quickly signed them in 1991, even before the first album was completed.  They released "Clean as a Broke-Dick Dog" in 1992.

Because the members had other full-time bands, namely Mudhoney for Arm and Turner, they took a good amount of time off from each other.   In late 1999, they hooked up with producer Jack Endino and recorded their second album, Elecctric Children, released in 2000. 

Monkeywrench-Gabriel's HornNew project from The Monkeywrench: "Gabriel's Horn".
Thirteen new tracks, released on Birdman Records.
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Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog

    • Released in 1992

      Sub Pop was quick to sign the all-star lineup for this debut album.                    Click To Buy It!
    • Call My Body Home
    • Angelhead
    • Cold Cold World
    • Codine
    • From You
    • Doubled Over Again
    • Great Down Here
    • Intermission
    • Look Back
    • Bottle Up & Go
    • The Story As I Was Told
    • Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me
    • Stop This World
    • I'm Blown

Electric Children

    • Released in 2000

      Jack Endino produced their second project, released 8 years after their first.     Click To Buy It!
    • Solar Revelations
    • The Empty Space
    • Thirteen Nights
    • Love Is A Spider
    • In The City Tonight
    • The Weasel's In The Barn
    • Cherry Red
    • Bring On The Judgement Day
    • From Now On
    • Around Again
    • Day Trader Shuffle
    • Sugar Man
    • In The Day's Of The Five

...And One Really Nervous Guy

    • Released in 2002

      Bootleg album recorded at Wembley in London, England in 2000.  LP-only release pressed on clear vinyl and limited to 600 copies.   Currently Not Available
    • Intro
    • Bring On The Judgement Day
    • 13 Nights
    • Levitation [The 13th Floor Elevators]
    • Great Down Here
    • The Pusher
    • Sugar Man
    • Look Back
    • The Weasel's In The Barn
    • Love Is A Spider
    • The World Turns-Cherry Red
    • In The Daze Of The Five

Gabriel's Horn

    • Released in 2008

      The latest project from Mark Arm, Steve Turner and gang was released on Birdman.      Click To Buy It!
    • Low on Air
    • Pray 'til You Sweat [The Flesh Eaters]
    • That's What You Get
    • Gabriel's Horn
    • Sunnyland
    • Crystal Brown Vibrations
    • Levitation [The 13th Floor Elevators]
    • Black Plastic Tarp
    • Flashy New Dance Steps
    • Echo Canyon Express
    • Gabriel's Horn (Slight Return)
    • He Stopped Loving Her Today [George Jones]
    • On Your Arrival