Green River

Mark Arm, Vocals, Guitar
Stone Gossard, Guitar
Jeff Ament, Bass
Steve Turner, Guitar (1984-1985)
Bruce Fairweather, Guitar (1985-1987)
Alex Vincent, Drums

Formed in 1984, Seattle

Green River
are rightly credited with the beginning of "grunge" and even the
start of the massive "Seattle Scene" itself.   They became the first grunge band to release a record and later helping to establish the well-known Sub Pop label.

They had little impact outside of Seattle, but they certainly had wide influence on the genre itself, both with their own band and with the music its members would later create in future bands: Jeff Ament (Mother Love Bone, Temple Of The Dog, Pearl Jam, Three Fish, M.A.C.C.); Stone Gossard (Mother Love Bone, Temple Of The Dog, Pearl Jam, Brad)Mark Arm (Mudhoney); Steve Turner (Mudhoney); Bruce Fairweather (Malfunkshun, Love Battery).  Green River, despite few projects and too few years together, influenced the sound of rock for years to come.
It was infighting and "philosophical differences" that evenutally split the band apart in 1987.

Come On Down

    • Released in 1985

      Steve Turner, later forming Mudhoney, left the band after the release of this six-track project.  Click To Buy It!

    • Come on Down
    • New God
    • Swallow My Pride
    • Ride of Your Life
    • Corner of My Eye
    • Tunnel of Love

Dry As A Bone + Rehab Doll

    • Released in 1986 + 1988

      Dry As a Bone EP, produced by Jack Endino, combined with their full-length, Rehab Doll, plus 3 bonus tracks.   Click To Buy It!
    • This Town
    • P.C.C.
    • Ozzie
    • Unwind
    • Baby Takes
    • Searchin'
    • Ain't Nothing To Do
    • Queen Bitch
    • Forever Means
    • Rehab Doll
    • Swallow My Pride
    • Together We'll Never
    • Smilin' And Dyin'
    • Porkfist
    • Take A Dive
    • One More Stitch