Skin Yard

Ben McMillan,
Jack Endino, Guitar
Daniel House, Bass  (1985-1991)
Pat Pederson, Bass  (1991-1992)
History of Drummers:
Matt Cameron, Steve Wied, Greg Gilmore,
Jason Finn, Scott McCullum, Barrett Martin

Formed in 1985, Seattle

Skin Yard was formed in Seattle in January 1985 by Daniel House (bass), and Jack Endino (guitar). They were joined by Matt Cameron (drums) who had previously played with Daniel and Tom ("Nerm") Herring in an instrumental power trio called Feedback. Ben McMillan became the band's singer in April '85. The first gig was in June of '85 opening for the now legendary U-Men leave home show.

 In June of '86 Matt left Skin Yard joining Soundgarden two months later. They played 2 gigs apiece with Steve Wied (later of the band Tad) and Greg Gilmore (later of Mother Love Bone). That fall Jason Finn (later of the Presidents of the United States, Love Battery, and Subset) joined the band, and left after eight months for an extended stay in Europe. In May '87 Skin Yard found Scott McCullum (aka Norman Scott, later of Gruntruck), who ironically had once been all but hired for the Soundgarden drum position, until Matt Cameron had, out of the blue, called them and offered his services. Scott left Skin Yard in May of '89 after a particularly horrendous US tour, fondly remembered as "the tour from hell."

 Skin Yard effectively ceased to exist for over a year, and at the time never really expected to reform. But then they never expected Barrett Martin (later of Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara). Barrett was a powerhouse, and as it turned out, was with Skin Yard until the end. Daniel left in March of '91 to devote more time to fatherhood, and was replaced by Pat Pedersen who recorded the posthumously released last album, Inside the Eye.

 Prior to Daniel's departure, Skin Yard began winding down and Ben started Gruntruck with previous drummer Scott, along with guitarist Tommy from the Acc├╝sed. Pat and Barrett jammed with Jack in Endino's Earthworm. By the time the band finished recording their 5th album in Summer '92, it was time to call it a day.    - Bio information from C/Z Records

Skin Yard

    • Released in 1986

      A year after forming, Cruz Records releases their debut album.   Click To Buy It!
    • Skins in my Closet
    • Reptile
    • Epitaph for Yesterday
    • The Blind Leading the Blind
    • Scratch
    • Burning the Candle   [only on original vinyl issue]
    • Dear Deceased
    • Stuck in a Plan
    • Jabberwocky
    • Gelatin Babies
    • Bleed
    • Out of the Attic
    • Skinstruction
    • Red Tension
    • The Birds
    • She Shook Me Cold

Hallowed Ground

    • Released in 1988

      The second full length project with Jack Endino and friends. Click To Buy It!
    • Stranger
    • Open Fist
    • G.O.D.
    • Needle Tree
    • Burn
    • Hallowed Ground
    • In the Black House
    • Throb
    • OP4
    • Wither
    • American Nightmare

Full Sized Chunks

    • Released in 1990

      Their third album, back on Cruz Records - owned by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn.  Click To Buy It!
    • Slow Runner
    • Go to Sleep
    • No Control
    • Through Nothing
    • Hungry and Hanging
    • Ritual Room
    • Over the Moon
    • Drunk on Kerosene
    • Gentle Collapse
    • No Right

1,000 Smiling Knuckles

    • Released in 1991

      Now releasing an album a year and getting better with each new project.          Click To Buy It!
    • 1000 Smiling Knuckles
    • River Throat
    • Words On Bone
    • Living Pool
    • Headswill
    • Psychoriflepowerhypnotized
    • Material Freak
    • Jezechrist
    • Nietzsche With A Pizza
    • Burn A Hole

Inside The Eye

    • Released in 1992

      The final original-music full-length album by the band that was ahead of it's time. Click To Buy it!
    • Inside the Eye
    • Miss You
    • Not in Love
    • Undertow
    • Wait for More
    • Fight
    • Western Wall
    • Across the Wind
    • Blindfold
    • Slowdive

Undertow   (EP)

    • Released in 1994

      Three song EP that also features a live track.       Click To Buy It!
    • Inside The Eye
    • Undertow
    • Drunk On Kerosene  (Live)

Start At The Top

    • Released in 2001

      Hand-numbered limited release collection of material that never made it to CD.  Very hard to find. On C/Z. Currently Not Available
    • Start At The Top   [From Sub Pop Single]
    • Watch   [From Sub Pop Single]
    • Jump The Wall  (Gentle Collapse)
    • Machine Gun Ettiquette   [From The Damned Covers Compilation]
    • Twelve Points
    • Make Room
    • Snowblind   [From Kiss Covers Compilation]
    • Bulldog
    • This Lonely Place
    • NWAP II   [Out-take from 1000 Smiling Knuckles]
    • The Ha-Ha
    • No Right