Presidents of the
United States of America

Chris Ballew, Vocals/Basitar
Jason Finn, Drums
Dave Dederer, Guitbass/Vocals (1993-2004)
Andrew McKeag, Guitbass/Vocals (2004-Current)

Formed in 1991, Seattle

The band was strikingly different from the sound that was making Seattle musically famous.  The Presidents relied on a power-pop sound resonating a fun time.  Lead vocalist Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer had been friends since their early school days.  They actually played a few shows as a duo in 1993.  They rattled off a number of possible names for their band and settled on The Presidents of the United States of America.  Shortly after, Jason Finn joined the band as drummer.  At the time, Finn was also drummer for Seattle band Love Battery, as well as an area bartender.

   They played their first show as a trio in Seattle in December 1993.   In 1995, the Presidents released their debut album with, Seattle label,  PopLlama Records.  They soon signed with Columbia Records and re-released the album in late July 1995.

   The Presidents broke up in January 1998, only to reunite in 2000 to release a new single, "Jupiter" and, a bit later, a new album titled Freaked Out & Small.  The small label, MusicBlitz, had distribution problems and the album went relatively un-noticed.   After thoses woes, they called it quits again.  Well, at least until 2004, when they came together again, releasing Love Everybody on their own label PUSA Inc.  Seattle guitarist, Andrew McKeag, the band on guitbass in late 2004, when Dave Dedrer did not join the reformation of the band. 

Instrumental note: Basitar?  It's a regular, six-string guitar modified to use two strings.  Guitbass?  Same, but three strings.
  New Presidents Album

The band has released their new album
Their fifth studio project is called  "These Are The Good Times People".

THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES PEOPLE, The Presidents first album in three years and fifth overall. 

The new album features 14 songs.  Recorded with Northwest legends The Fastbacks’ and Young Fresh Fellows' own Kurt Bloch (Robyn Hitchcock, Mudhoney, Les Thugs) and mixed with their good friend Martin Feveyear (Screaming Trees, The Epoxies, Amber Pacific). It's a pretty diverse little album, even including a horn section on a few tracks.   CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


Presidents of the United States of America
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Presidents of the United States of America: II

    • Released in 1996

      Their second project doesn't have the number of hits that their first did.  "Supermodel" did receive some spins.          Click To Buy It!
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Part 1
    • Lunatic to Love
    • Volcano
    • Mach 5
    • Twig
    • Bug City
    • Bath of Fire
    • Tiki God
    • L.I.P.
    • Froggie
    • Toob Amplifier
    • Supermodel
    • Puffy Little Shoes
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Part 2
    • Basketball Dream


    • Released in 1997

      Collection of demos and B-sides that was released   in Japan.

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    • Japan
    • Kitty   (Clean Version)
    • Volcano   (4 Track Original)
    • Too Much Monkey Business
    • Video Killed the Radio Star  (Studio Version)
    • Lump   (4 Track Original)
    • Stranger   (4 Track Original)
    • Kick Out the Jams   (Live)
    • Peaches-Momo No Uta   (Live)
    • Twig   (Acoustic Version)
    • Tiki God   (live)
    • Ça Plane Pour Moi
    • Novocaine Hurricane

Pure Frosting

    • Released in 1998

      Compilation of unreleased songs, including some new, live and cover songs.           Click To Buy it!
    • Love Delicatessen
    • Video Killed the Radio Star
    • Mobile Home
    • Japan
    • Sunshine
    • Back Porch   (Live)
    • Man   (Opposable Thumb)
    • Tiki Lounge God
    • Teenage Girl
    • Slip Away
    • Tremolo Blooz
    • Cleveland Rocks
    • Lump   (Live)
    • Carl   (Hidden Track)


    • Released in 2000

      Some of their hits and a few songs that didn't show up on any of their other albums.       Click To Buy It!
    • Lump
    • Volcano
    • Video Killed The Radio Star
    • Japan
    • Dune Buggy
    • Kick Out The Jams
    • Tiki God
    • Back Porch
    • Mach 5
    • Cleveland Rocks

Freaked Out And Small

    • Tiny Explosions
    • Nuthin But Luv
    • Tiger Bomb
    • Last Girl on Earth
    • Jazz Guy
    • Meanwhile Back in the City
    • Jupiter
    • Superstar
    • Death Star
    • Blank Baby
    • I'm Mad
    • Headin' Out
    • [The Re-Release Also Contains:]
    • Velvet Universe
    • Hand in Hand
    • Tiny Explosions  (demo)
    • Nuthin But Love  (demo)
    • Tiger Bomb  (demo)
    • Last Girl On Earth  (demo)
    • Meanwhile Back in the City  (demo)
    • Jupiter  (demo)
    • Death Star  (demo)
    • Blank Baby  (demo)

Love Everybody
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Ten Year Super Bonus Special Anniversary
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These Are The Good Times People
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