Shawn Smith, Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Regan Hager, Drummer
John Hoag, Guitar
Mike Berg/Cory Kane, Bass

Formed in 1994, Seattle

The bands Satchel and Brad are forever tied together.  Brad was put together as a side project of Stone Gossard's.  After Brad released their album Shame in 1992, Gossard returned to his main band, Pearl Jam.  At that point, Shawn Smith and Regan Hagar had a desire to continue playing together, so they brought in guitarist John Hoag and bassist Cory Kane and Satchel was born.  They also secured a major label record deal with Epic Records.  Stone Gossard was even brought back in to co-produce their second album, "The Family" .  After Satchel toured, Gossard asked Smith and Hagar to join him for another project with Brad.  Satchel, at that point, essentially ended as a band.


    • Released in 1994

      The song titles are named after characters in the movie Reservoir Dogs & includes  clips between tracks.      Click To Buy It!
    • Mr. Brown
    • Equilibrium
    • Taste It
    • Trouble Come Down
    • More Ways Than 3
    • Hollywood
    • O
    • Mr. Pink
    • Built 4 It
    • Mr. Blue
    • Willow
    • The Roof Almighty
    • Suffering

The Family

    • Released in 1996

      New bassist Mike Berg replaces Cory Kane and the band's sound changes too.  Click To Buy It!
    • Isn't That Right
    • Without Love
    • Not Too Late
    • Criminal Justine
    • Breathe Deep
    • Time 'O' The Year
    • For So Long
    • Some More Trouble
    • Tomorrow
    • Roll On

Brad vs Satchel
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