Mike Herrera, Vocals/Bass/Keyboard
Tom Wisniewski, Guitar/Vocals  (1995-Current)
Yuri Ruley, Drums
Andy Husted, Guitar  (1992-1995)

Formed in 1992, Bremerton WA

MxPx, although considered a Christian punk band, never really forced much of their beliefs in their music, especially as the band progressed.  They formed in Bremerton, Washington, a ferry-ride away from Seattle. They began as 15 year-old classmates at Central Kitsap High School, originally calling themselves Magnified Plaid.  The name didn't fit on their posters, so they shortened it to M.P., but the periods came off as X's, so their shortened name became reality...MxPx.  They played a "show" in Mike Herrera's parents' back yard in 1993 for Tooth & Nail Records and were then signed.  Their first major album, Pokinatcha was released while the band was still in high school.  


Jul 19 2008 2:00P
Chilkoot Charlie’s Anchorage, Alaska
Jul 26 2008 8:00P
The Filmore Auditorium Denver, Colorado
Jul 27 2008 8:00P
OZ Cafe Wichita, Kansas
Jul 28 2008 8:00P
The Myth Maplewood, Minnesota
Jul 29 2008 8:00P
The House Cafe Dekalb, Illinois
Jul 30 2008 8:00P
House Of Blues Chicago, Illinois
Aug 9 2008 11:00A
TOMFEST 2008 Camas, Washington
Aug 15 2008 2:00P
Pukkelpop Festival Hasselt
Aug 16 2008 1:00P
Flevo Festival Busloo, Zuid-Holland
Aug 17 2008 2:00P
Highfield Festival Erfurt / Hohenfelden
Aug 19 2008 8:00P
The Barby Tel Aviv
Aug 22 2008 5:00P
Cavern Exeter, London and South East
Aug 23 2008 2:00P
Richfield Avenue - The Reading Festival Reading, London and South East
Aug 24 2008 2:00P
Braham Park - Leeds Festival England, London and South East
Aug 31 2008 4:00P
Life Light Festival Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sep 1 2008 8:00P
Pyramid Cabaret Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep 4 2008 8:00P
Call The Office London, Ontario
Sep 5 2008 8:00P
Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Ontario
Sep 6 2008 8:00P
Metropolis Montreal, Quebec
Sep 7 2008 8:00P
Imperial de Quebec Quebec City, Ontario
Sep 8 2008 7:00P
Pavilion Agricole Rimouski, Quebec
Sep 9 2008 8:00P
The Marquee Club Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sep 11 2008 7:00P
The Basement Saint John, Newfoundland
Sep 13 2008 7:00P
Higher Ground South Burlington, Vermont
Sep 14 2008 7:00P
Tinks Scranton, Pennsylvania
Sep 15 2008 8:00P
Harper’s Ferry Allston, Massachusetts
Sep 16 2008 8:00P
The Fillmore at the TLA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 17 2008 8:00P
BB Kings Blues Club New York, New York
Sep 19 2008 8:00P
St. Andrew’s Hall Detroit, Michigan
Sep 20 2008 8:00P
Metro Chicago, Illinois
Sep 21 2008 8:00P
Station 4 St Paul, Minnesota
Sep 23 2008 8:00P
Pop’s Sauget, Illinois
Sep 26 2008 8:00P
In The Venue Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep 28 2008 8:00P
House Of Blues West Hollywood, California
Sep 30 2008 8:00P
The Clubhouse Tempe, Arizona
Oct 1 2008 7:00P
House Of Blues San Diego, California
Oct 3 2008 8:00P
House Of Blues Anaheim, California
Oct 4 2008 8:00P
Phoenix Theatre Petaluma, California
Oct 5 2008 7:00P
Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, California

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Teenage Politics
     Cick the Track to Preview and Download MP3

On The Cover  (EP)
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Move To Bremerton  (EP)
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Life In General
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Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo

    • Released in 1998

      Title was taken from a fan's letter complaining that the band was changing, and "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo". Click To Buy it!
    • Under Lock and Key
    • Tomorrow's Another Day
    • The Final Slowdance
    • I'm OK, You're OK
    • Cold and All Alone
    • Party, My House, Be There
    • The Downfall of the Western Civilization
    • Invitation to Understanding
    • Fist vs. Tact
    • What's Mine Is Yours
    • Self Serving with a Purpose
    • For Always
    • Set the Record Straight
    • Get with It
    • Inches from Life
    • The Theme Fiasco

Way Of The Buffalo, Vol. 2

    • Released in 1998

      A Japanese import version that contains two extra tracks.   Click To Buy It!
    • Same Tracks as the above CD, PLUS:
    • Educated Guess
    • Blue Moon

Let It Happen
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At The Show  (Live)
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The Ever Passing Moment

    • Released in 2000

      The counting in the song "The Next Big Thing" is actually Dave Grohl screaming "1, 2, 3, go!".  Click To Buy It!
    • My Life Story
    • Buildings Tumble
    • Responsibility
    • Two Whole Years
    • Prove It to the World
    • Educated Guess
    • Is the Answer in the Question?
    • The Next Big Thing
    • Foolish
    • One Step Closer to Life
    • Unsaid
    • Here With Me
    • Without You
    • It's Undeniable
    • Misplaced Memories

It Came From Bremerton  (Video)

    • Released in 2000

      Home video of them in various concerts along with  interviews and music from their next album.        Click To Buy It!
    • MxPx Concert and Interview Video

The Renaissance  (EP)

    • Released in 2001

      "Re-interpretation of what the first three records may have sounded like if recorded in 2001".  Click To Buy It!
    • Lonesome Town
    • Letting Go
    • Party II (Time to Go)
    • Time Will Tell
    • The Opposite
    • Don't Look Back
    • Talk Of The Town
    • The Struggle
    • Yuri Wakes Up Screaming

MxPx Lost in Japan

    • Today Is in My Way
    • Doing Time
    • Sometimes You Have to Ask Yourself
    • Chick Magnet
    • Lonesome Town
    • Do Your Feet Hurt
    • Move to Bremerton
    • Party, Pt. II
    • Middle Name
    • Wonder Years
    • Don't Took Back
    • Cristalena
    • My Mom Still Cleans My Room
    • Time Will Tell
    • Destroyed by You
    • Opposite
    • Your Problem My Emergency
    • Yori Wakes Up Screaming
    • Southbound

Ten Years and Running
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Before Everything & After

    • Released in 2003

      The track "Well Adjusted" was featured in a Pepsi TV commercial in 2002         Click To Buy It!
    • Before
    • Play It Loud
    • Well Adjusted
    • It's Alright
    • Brokenhearted
    • First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives
    • Everything Sucks (When You're Gone)
    • Quit Your Life
    • More Everything
    • Kings of Hollywood
    • The Capitol
    • On The Outs
    • Don't Walk Away
    • You Make Me, Me
    • You're Not Alone
    • After

B-Movie  (DVD)

    • Released in 2004

      Documentary with concert footage from 3-night's at "The Graceland" in Seattle in 2003.   Also has a 5-track acoustic EP      Click To Buy it!
    • DVD Contains:
    • Documentary
    • Concert Footage
    • Five-Track Acoustic EP


    • Released in 2005

      Featured the bassist and vocalist of Blink-182, Mark Hoppus, on "Wrecking Hotel Rooms"Click To Buy It!
    • The Darkest Places
    • Young and Depressed
    • Heard That Sound
    • Cold Streets
    • The Story
    • Wrecking Hotel Rooms
    • Late Again
    • Kicking and Screaming
    • Grey Skies Turn Blue
    • Emotional Anarchist
    • Call in Sick
    • Get Me Out
    • Waiting for the World to End
    • This Weekend

Let's Rock

    • Released in 2006

      Songs are all leftovers from other album sessions that didn't make the cut.  Also three acoustic tracks.     Click To Buy It!
    • You Walk, I Run 
    • Every Light
    • 1 And 3
    • Don't Forget Me (When You're Gone)
    • "Breathe Deep
    • Make Up Your Mind
    • Running out Of Time
    • Slow Ride
    • Where Did You Go?
    • Sweet Sweet Thing  (Acoustic)
    • Last Train  (Acoustic)
    • You Walk, I Run  (Acoustic)

Let It Happen  (Deluxe Edition - CD/DVD)

    • Released in 2006

      B-Sides, Demos and alternate versions with a slightly different track listing than the original release . Click To Buy It!
    • DVD contains 12 music videos
    • 32-Track Compilation CD Disc

Ten Years and Running  (Japan Bonus Edition)

    • Released in 2007

      Japan Import is the same as it's U.S. counterpart, except that it also includes an exclusive music video.   Click To Buy It!
    • Features same 19 tracks as U.S. version, PLUS:
    • Includes a music video for "My Mistake."

Secret Weapon
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Secret Weapon  (CD / DVD)

    • Released in 2007

      This Special Edition contains everything on the original plus an extra DVD with various tidbits & 3 extra tracks. Click To Buy It!
    • This Special Edition Version Features:
    • All Tracks on the (above) Original Version
    • The Making Of  "Secret Weapon" Documentary
    • Several short silly skit-like recordings
    • Three Extra Tracks:
    • The Hoo-Ha Jangle
    • Madcap Scheme
    • Throw Your Body In The Air

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