Love Battery

Ron Nine, Vocals
Kevin Whitworth, Guitar
Tommy Simpson, Bass (1989-1990, 1992, 1999-Present)
Jim Tillman, Bass (1990-1992)
Bruce Fairweather, Bass (1992-1999)
Jason Finn, Drums
(Dan Peters and Mike Musberger [present day] also alternated on Drums)

Formed in 1989, Seattle

Love Battery is described in various ways...Psychedelic Grunge, Pop Grunge, Garage Grunge, whatever label you wish to put on them, or not, the band was unique.  Maybe too much so, as they never received commercial success, or airplay, outside of the Pacific Northwest.  But in the NW, they continue to have legions of fans.  Bruce Fairweather (Green River, Mother Love Bone) and Jason Finn (Presidents of the United States of America) joined band leader Ron Nine throughout much of the nineties.  Guitarist Kevin Whitworth has been with the band since the beginning.  Mudhoney's drummer, Dan Peters, joined the band for their final album, released in 1999.

Between The Eyes

    • Released in 1992

      Debut album released in February 1992 on Subpop.  Outside of specialty shows, it received little airplay.        Click To Buy It!
    • Between the Eyes
    • Easter
    • Highway of Souls
    • Orange
    • Two and Two
    • Before I Crawl
    • Ibiza Bar
    • 67
    • Wings
    • Shellshock


    • Released in 1992

      You can hear the unique energy of Love Battery in this project.                      Click To Buy It!
    • Out Of Focus
    • Foot
    • Damaged
    • See Your Mind
    • Side (With You)
    • Cool School (Trane Of Thought)
    • Sometimes
    • Blonde
    • Dayglo
    • 23 Modern Stories

Far Gone

    • Released in 1993

      Losing a bit of the momentum that Daygo exuded, this was also their last project on the Subpop label.                   Click To Buy it!
    • Searching For Rose
    • Half Past You
    • Head Of Ringo
    • In Throught The Outside
    • Split In Two
    • Feet
    • Far Gone
    • Float
    • Nebraska
    • I Can't See Nobody
    • Instrumental
    • Rust Belt

Nehru Jacket  (EP)

    • Released in 1994

      Advance release prior to Straight Freak Ticket, and included two bonus tracks.

      Click To Buy it!
    • Nehru Jacket
    • Illuminated Man
    • Red Onion
    • Please Before You Go

Straight Freak Ticket

    • Released in 1995

      The first cut, Fuzz Factory, received a good deal of airplay in Seattle. Released on the Atlas label.           Click To Buy It!
    • Fuzz Factory
    • If It Wasn't Me
    • Harold's Pink Room
    • Brazil
    • Nehru Jacket
    • Perfect Light
    • Red Onion
    • Sunny Jim
    • Straight Freak Show
    • Angelhead
    • Waylaid
    • Drowning Sun
    • Silent Treatment

Confusion Au Go Go
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