Ben McMillan, Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Niemeyer, Guitar
Tim Paul, Bass
Norman Scott, Drums
(Alex Sibbald, Josh Sinder)

Formed in 1989, Seattle

Gruntruck was formed by former Skin Yard members Ben McMillan and Scott McCullum.  Tommy Niemeyer from The Accused and Tim Paul of Napalm Beach were added to the original line-up.  They toured with Alice In Chains in 1992 and again in 1993, along with Screaming Trees

Inside Yours

    • Released in 1991

      Released in 1990 by Empty Records and reissued in 1991 by Roadrunner Records with 2 extra bonus tracks.       Click To Buy It!
    • Not a Lot to Save
    • Crucifunkin' 
    • Paint
    • Eyes of Stone
    • So Long
    • Buried
    • Flesh Fever
    • Inside Yours
    • Move in Silence
    • Melt
    • Broken


    • Released in 1992

      Magazines like Rolling Stone gave a thumbs up to this second project and Mtv played the videos as well.     Click To Buy It!
    • Tribe
    • Machine Action
    • Racked
    • Crazy Love
    • Above Me
    • Gotta Believe
    • Break
    • Slow Scorch
    • Follow
    • Body Farm
    • Lose
    • Push

Shot (EP)  /  Gruntruck (EP)

    • Released in 1996 & 1999

      This 3-song EP was produced by Jack Endino and Gary King, during legal battles Roadrunner.        Click To Buy It!
    • Shot
    • Illusion
    • New God