Cat Butt

David Emanual Duet, Vocals
James Burdyshaw, Lead Guitar
John Michael Amerika, Rhythm Guitar (1987-1988)
Danny Bland, Rhythm Guitar  (1988-1990)
Tom "Manny Eldorado" Price, Bass  (1987)
Dean Gunderson, Bass
Charlie "Circus" Ryan, Drums  (1987)
Erik "Erok" Peterson, Drums  (1987-1988)

Formed in 1987, Seattle

Catt Butt
could now be onsidered a "supergroup" due to their rather well-known lineup of members they debuted with.  Vocalist David Emanual Duet was from Girl Trouble, Tom Price (later of Gas Huffer) and Charlie Ryan were both from The U-Men and James Burdyshaw formerly of 64 Spiders.   Danny Bland would later join Best Kissers In The World.  They released one full-length on Sub Pop, Journey To The Center, before disbanding in the later part of 1990.

64 Funny Cars/Hell's Half Acre  [Single]

    • Released in 1988

      Released a year before their EP.  Shortly after this single, "Big Cigar" was on the Sub-Pop 200 in 1988.              Currently Not Available

    • 64 Funny Cars
    • Hell's Half Acre

Journey To The Center

    • Released in 1989

      The one EP from the band was released on Sub Pop, produced by Jack Endino.        Currently Not Available

    • Maximo
    • Freebase
    • 3 Eyes
    • Born Loser
    • Sedgwick
    • Zombie