Doug Martsch, Vocals/Guitar (1988-1993)
Scott Schmaljohn, Guitar/Vocals
Pat Brown, Bass (1988-1992)
Wayne Flower, Drums (1988-1992)
Tony Dallas Reed, Drums (1992)/Bass (1993)
Eric Akre, Drums (1993-94)
John Polle, Guitar (1994)
Eric Carnell, Bass (1994)

Formed in 1988, Boise/Seattle

Treepeople formed in Boise, Idaho, after the breakup of the punk band "State of Confusion".  Doug Martsch, Scott Schmaljohn, Pat Brown, and Wayne Rhino Flower made the decision to move to Seattle, where the music scene was beginning to expand.  They became "Treepeople".  The band members fluctuated through their six years of existance and by the final album, only Scott Schmaljohn was an original member.  Doug Martsch evenutally joined "Built to Spill".  Treepeople officially disbanded in 1994.   [Publicity Photo C/Z Records]

Guilt Regret Embarrassment

    • Released in 1989

      Their debut full project on the Toxic Shock label.              Click To Buy It!
    • No Doubt
    • Andy Warhol
    • Gre
    • Lost
    • Transitional Devices
    • Pity
    • (I'm Gonna) Miss You (When You're Dead
    • Wasted On You
    • Stay
    • Chunks Of Milk
    • Everytime When I Fall Down and My Head Hits The Floor Hard
    • Trailer Park

Something Vicious For Tomorrow / Time Whore   (2 EP Combo)
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Just Kidding
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Actual Re-Enactment

    • Released in 1994

      Doug Martsch had quit the band prior to this album. Schmaljohn was left with the vocals on this last release.  Click To Buy it!
    • Wha'd I Mean To Think You Said
    • Feed Me
    • Slept Through Mine
    • Heinz Von Foerster
    • Boot Straps
    • Liver Vs. Heart
    • Better Days
    • Bag Of Wood
    • Low
    • Will We Ever
    • Too Long