Three Fish

Jeff Ament, Bass  [Pearl Jam]
Robbi Robb, Guitar  [Tribe After Tribe]
Richard Stuverud, Drums  [Fastbacks]

Formed in 1996, Seattle

Three Fish
was formed after Jeff Ament and Robbi Robb, frontman of Tribe After Tribe, met on a tour together in 1993 with their respective bands Pearl Jam and Tribe After Tribe.  Richard Stuverud of the Fastbacks was brought in as their drummer. 
Both projects were released on Epic Records.

Three Fish

    • Released in 1996

      A Member each from Pearl Jam, Tribe After Tribe and the Fastbacks form Three Fish.  Click To Buy It!

    • Solitude
    • Song For A Dead Girl
    • Silence At The Button
    • The Intelligent Fish
    • Zagreb
    • All Messed Up
    • Here In The Darkness
    • The Half Intelligent Fish
    • Stranger In My Head
    • A Lovely Meander
    • Build
    • Stupid Fish
    • Secret Place
    • Elusive Ones
    • Laced

The Quiet Table

    • Released in 1999

      A virtual spirtual journey inspired by rumored visit to the Middle East.               Click To Buy It!
    • Shiva And The Astronaut
    • Tremor Void
    • Myth Of Abdou
    • Once In A Day
    • All These Things
    • Timeless Hummingbird
    • Hummingbird
    • My Only Foe
    • Transporting
    • Found A Widow
    • Resonate
    • Chantreuse