The Accused

John Dahlin, Vocals (1981-1984)
Blaine Cook, Vocals (1984-2005)
Brad Mowen, Vocals (2005-)
Tom Niemeyer, Guitar
Chibon "Chewy" Batterman, Bass (1981-1984)
Alex Sibbald, Bass (1984-2005)
Dorando Hodous, Bass  (2005-)
Dana Collins, Drums (1981-1988)
Mike Peterson, Drums
(Other Drummers: Steve Nelson, Josh Sinder, Devin Karakash)

 Formed in 1981, Oak Harbor, WA

The Accused began as a hardcore punk band for their first two years while John Dahlin was the lead vocalist, however were only able to release a collection of demo tapes and a split EP with another Seattle band, The Rejectors.  The band decided to change directions and called their style "splatter rock or splatter core," paying homage to their favorite horror films.  The band also displayed their zombie mascot "Martha Splatterhead", who's likeness (created by Niemeyer) covers most of their albums and their merchandise (see their T-shirts available at the bottom of this page).  The Accused formed pre-grunge with a style quite unique...first with hardcore punk, then bridging the gap between thrashcore and thrash metal genres.  Tom Niemeyer later joined Gruntruck.

Return Of Martha Splatterhead

    • Released in 1986

      This Combat-label release also features some of their earlier tracks from the hard to find debut EP.                    Click To Buy It!
    • Martha Splatterhead
    • Wrong Side Of The Grave
    • Take My Time
    • Distractions
    • Buried Alive
    • Show No Mercy
    • Slow Death
    • Autopsy
    • She's The Killer
    • In A Death Bed
    • Lonely Place
    • Fuckin' 4 Bucks
    • Martha's Revenge

More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral

    • Released in 1987

      This project is considered one of their best by critics, combining thrash metal, thrashcore and punk.       Click To Buy It!
    • Halo Of Flies (The Deadly Blessing)
    • W.C.A.L.T. (We Can All Live Together)
    • Rape (Not A Love Song)
    • Lifeless Zone
    • Scotty
    • Devil Woman/Eulogy Buriel
    • Bethany Home (A Place To Die)
    • Mechanized Death (I Love To Drive)
    • S.H.C.
    • Judgement Day
    • Take No Prisoners (No One Left Alive)
    • Splatter Rock
    • Septi-Child
    • I'll Be Glad When You're Dead

Grinning Like An Undertaker

    • Released in 1990

      Produced by Jack Endino, who will go on to produce many, many more vital Pacific Northwest Artsits.          Click To Buy it!
    • Pounding Nails (Into The Lid Of Your Coffin)
    • Bullet Ridden Bodies
    • The Corpse Walks
    • Grinning (Like An Undertaker)
    • Down & Out
    • Cut & Dried
    • Dropping Like Flies
    • M Is For Martha
    • Room 144
    • When I Was A Child
    • The Night
    • Voices
    • Boris The Spider
    • Tapping The Vein

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

    • Released in 1991

      This project features guest appearances by Metal Church's Kurdt Vanderhoof and rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.     Click To Buy It!
    • Psychomania
    • The Bag Lady Song
    • Inherit the Earth
    • Deception
    • Molly’s X-Mas ’72
    • I’d Love to Change the World
    • You Only Die Once
    • Sick Boy
    • Chicago
    • Starved to Death
    • War=Death ’88
    • The Maddest Story Every Told
    • Intro
    • Scared of the Dark
    • Losing Your Mind
    • Smothered Her Trust
    • Lights Out
    • The Hearse

Straight Razor

    • Released in 1991

      Josh Sinder is the drummer for the final time for The Accused on this project. Click To Buy it!
    • No Hope For Relief / Close Insight
    • Straight Razor (Going For The Throat)
    • Down & Out
    • Saturday Night Special
    • Blind Hate / Blind Rage
    • Voices [LIVE]

Splatter Rock

    • Released in 1992

      Using the name of the genre of music they created, Splatter Rock becomes their sixth widely released project. Click To Buy it!
    • Two Hours Till Sunrise
    • Stick In A Hole
    • No Choice
    • Lettin' Go
    • Blind Hate/Blind Rage
    • Greenwood House Of Medicine / Don't You Have A Woman
    • She's Back
    • Tearin' Me Apart
    • Green Eyed Lady
    • Brutality & Corruption
    • Living, Dying, Living / In A Zombie World

Oh Martha

    • Released in 2006

      This comeback project even showed up on Revolver magazine's Top Ten albums of the year.  Click To Buy it!
    • 32 Tracks from The Accused are included on this disc.

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