Sweet Water

Adam Czeisler, Lead Vocals
Rich Credo, Guitar
Cole Peterson, Bass
Paul Uhlir, Drums

Dudley Taft, Guitar (First Album)

Formed in Seattle

The band met while attending, the private, Bush school in Seattle.  Frontman Adam Czeisler joining with songwriters Rich Credo and Dudley Taft, coming from such Seattle bands as SGM and Skank Puppies.  Along with Cole Peterson and Paul Uhlir they signed to Atlantic Records in 1992, but were moved to a subsidiary label, East/West, for their second release.  Taft left before recording their second album.  Adam, Rich, Cole and Paul have re-united and are now working on new material.  They were best know for their live performances and will be back together for a show on New Year's Eve 2007, at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle.


    • Released in 1991

      Released on C/Z Records. A few of the songs also made it on their Atlantic Records debut release.                   Currently Not Available
    • Everything Will Be Just Fine
    • Losing
    • Coming Down On You
    • Can't Say No
    • Doing It My Way
    • King Of '79
    • Like A Child
    • It's All There
    • Suck On
    • You're Smile

Sweet Water

    • Released in 1993

      First release on Atlantic Records produced by Don Gilmore, who also put his stamp on Pearl Jam's "Ten".  Click To Buy It!
    • Crawl
    • Everything Will Be Alright
    • Head Down
    • Sleep
    • Stripped Down
    • Where Has The Day Gone
    • King Of '79
    • Losing
    • Can't Say No
    • Feel Good
    • Like A Child


    • Released in 1995

      Taft leaves the band, Atlantic moves them to the East/West subsidiary.  "Feed Yourself" and "Superstar" get airplay.  Click To Buy It!
    • Cake And Strychnine
    • Feed Yourself
    • Painless
    • Superstar
    • Big Rock Show
    • Back Into Your Way
    • Slide
    • Adeline
    • No Syrup For Your Pancakes
    • Happy
    • Self Hater
    • Win

    • Released in 2000

      Now done with the major labels, they sign with Good-ink.  Click To Buy It!
    • Been So Long
    • Magnificent Insect
    • Cathode Generation
    • She Says
    • Sparks
    • Garden Party
    • Lottery Winner
    • Novocaine Girl
    • No Guts
    • FTA
    • East/West Enemy
    • Dirty Pigeons
    • Dear Customer