Rod Moody, Vocals/Guitar
Andy Scheen, Bass
Chris Pugh, Guitar
Scott Schickler, Drums
Craig Bradford, Drums
Peter Lansdowne, Drums

Formed in 1987, Seattle

Sub Pop Records released Swallow's first single (and Sub Pop's third), "Trapped"/"Guts" in 1988. Another song, "Zoo," was included on the label's Sub Pop 200 compilation that same year. In 1989, Sub Pop and British label Tupelo co-released Swallow's full-length eponymous record, and the band proceeded to tour the Southwest.

Sub Pop co-released their next full-length album, Sourpuss, with German label Glitterhouse, but limited its distribution to Europe. After recording that album, Schickler was replaced by Craig Bradford, and the group set out for another tour of the Southwest states. Due to the lack of available product, growing tensions in the band, and various other factors, the tour was challenging, but there were good times as well, such as the ultimate "El Lay" experience - a show at the Coconut Teazer with L7, Hole, Rikk Agnew's Yard Sale, and others. After they returned, they recorded what was to be their third album, but Sub Pop refused to release it, and Swallow broke up in 1992.

The original lineup of Swallow reconvened in 2006 for two shows, and they liked it enough to start practicing regularly, write new songs, and play the occasional show. The lost third album, titled "Teach Your Bird to Sing" is out on Flotation Records. [Bio excerpts and photo from the bands MySpace page, MySpace.com/Swallowplease]

Trapped / Guts  [7"]

    • Released in 1988

      Debut 7" single on Sub Pop released on yellow vinyl. Currently Not Available
    • Trapped
    • Guts


    • Released in 1989

      Their debut project released on Sub Pop Records.      Currently Not Available
    • Zoo
    • Foetus
    • Coffin
    • Guts
    • Hard
    • Cold
    • Bsa
    • Trim
    • Home

Sourpuss   [Import]

    • Released in 1989

      Limited to release in Europe only makes this another hard to find import.                     Currently Not Available
    • Forever
    • Thankx
    • Sex Pig
    • Nice
    • Fed
    • Take Me
    • Queen
    • Sink
    • Time
    • In Effect

Rats / Bleached Mud Balls  [7"]

Teach Your Bird To Sing

    • Features unreleased tracks from 1990, including:
    • 40 Days