Super Deluxe

Braden Blake, Vocals/Guitar
John Kirsch, Guitar/Vocals
David M. Roberts, Bass
Chris Lockwood, Drums
Ira Merril, Guitar/Vocals
Jake Nessheim, Bass
Chris Lockwood, Drums

Formed in 1995, Seattle

The Super Deluxe "Famous" demo impressed Portland-based label Tim/Kerr and was released by TK in 1995.  Warner Brother’s ‘Revolution’ label signed the band in the mid-90's and remixed the demo and re-released it, as well as picking up their second project  “Via Satellite”.   The band received some airplay, especially in their hometown Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, including their first single, 'She Came On', which was also named "Power Pop Record of the Year" by the UK's largest music magazine Melody Maker.  Other great tracks that received some local airplay and notice were "Famous" and the haunting acoustic song "Years Ago".


    • Released in 1995

      Great debut, with major Seattle airplay on "Famous" and "She Came On".          Click To Buy It!
    • Lizadrin
    • Famous
    • She Came On
    • Love Her Madly
    • Flustered
    • Disappearing
    • Johnny's Gone  Fishin'
    • Holly's Dream Vacation
    • Smile
    • Suitcases
    • Sunshine For Now

Via Satellite

    • Released in 1997

      Lots of hooks and rockin guitars and one stunning ballad that grabbed airplay called "Years Ago".         Click To Buy It!
    • Your Pleasure's Mine
    • Lost In Your Failures
    • Farrah Fawcett
    • Love Liquid Wraparound
    • Alright
    • Commeonplace
    • Divine
    • What's Up With Me
    • One In A Million
    • New Variations
    • Half Asleep
    • I Can See
    • Suicide Doll
    • Years Ago

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Lolita   (EP)
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