Andy Cohen, Vocals/Guitar
Tim Midgett, Vocals/Bass
Michael Dahlquist, Drums
Joel RL Phelps, Vocals/Guitar  (1987-1994)
Ben Koostra, Drums   (1987-1989)
Matt Kadane, Keyboards  (2002-2005)

Formed in 1987, Missoula/Seattle/Chicago

Silkworm began in the town of Missoula, Montana.  They moved to Seattle at the beginning of 1990 and in 1992 released their first record, L'ajre, on their own Temporary Freedom label. In 1994, C/Z released In the West.  The following year saw the release of Libertine, which in turn led to their signing to Matador. Somewhere in the interim, Joel left the band to pursue his own music, and the band continued to tour almost religiously as a three-piece.  After several records with Matador, the band jumped ship and city, signing to Touch n Go and moving to Chicago.  [Bio and Photo by C/Z Records]

Silkworm is one of Seattle's most underrated, yet celebrated, independent post punk bands.   The band's career is being celebrated by an documentary film called "Couldn't You Wait".   The film will detail the bands career (1987-2005), interviews with producer Steve Albini, Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger), and passionate fans around the world.  The film also pays respect to the untimely, accidental death of drummer Michael Dahlquist.  The filmmakers are currently looking for donations to help with the completion of the film.
Check out the film's website and movie trailer:


    • Released in 1992

      Their debut project highlights Tim Midgett's bass work.      Not Available To Buy
    • St. Patrick's Day
    • Homoactivity
    • Scrawl
    • Three Beating
    • Slow Burn
    • Little Sister
    • Scruffy
    • Shithead
    • Pearl Harbor

His Absence Is A Blessing

    • Released in 1993

      Stampede Records releases this hard to find EP prior to their signing with C/Z.            Not Available To Buy
    • Motel Blues
    • Scruffy Tumor
    • Eye Window
    • Pearl Harbor
    • No Revolution

In The West

    • Garden City Blues
    • Dust My Broom
    • Into The Woods
    • Punch Drunk Five
    • Raised By Tigers
    • Enough Is Enough
    • Parsons
    • Incanduce California
    • Dremate
    • Pilot


    • Released in 1994

      The final project with Joel Phelps on guitar.             Click To Buy It!
    • There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight
    • Grotto Of Miracles
    • Cotton Girl
    • Yen + Janet Forever
    • Oh How We Laughed
    • The Cigarette Lighters
    • Couldn't You Wait?
    • A Tunnel
    • Written On The Wind
    • Wild In My Day
    • Bloody Eyes

The Marco Collins Sessions

    • Released in 1995

      Marco Collins was Music Director for one of the nation's top alternative stations, The End/Seattle.  Click To Buy It!
    • Couldn't You Wait
    • Cotton Girl
    • Scruffy Tumor
    • Raised By Tigers



    • Released in 1996

      16 Tracks in a long one hour project, the first without the extra vocals and guitar of Phelps. They're now a trio.  Download Now or Buy CD
    • Nerves
    • Drunk
    • Wet Firecracker
    • Slow Hands
    • Cannibal Cannibal
    • Tarnished Angel
    • Quicksand
    • Ticket Tulane
    • Swings
    • Severance Pay
    • The Lure Of Beauty
    • Miracle Mile
    • Drag The River
    • Killing My Ass
    • Caricature Of A Joke
    • Don't Make Plans This Friday

New School/Old School

    • Released 1997

      A hard to find radio/retail sampler of 12 odds and ends from albums, singles, split albums and one-off's.        Not Available To Buy
    • Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
    • Give Me Some Skin
    • You Ain't Going Nowhere
    • Nerves
    • Caricature Of A Joke
    • Couldn't You Wait
    • Grotto Of Miracles  [Alternative Version]
    • The Grand Tour
    • Garden City Blues
    • Scruffy Tumor
    • Scruffy
    • The Chain


    • Released 1997

      Their final original project for the Matador label with Steve Albini once again producing.  Download Now or Buy CD
    • Give Me Some Skin
    • Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
    • The City Glows
    • Developer
    • The Devil Is Beating His Wife
    • Ice Station Zebra
    • Waiting On A Train
    • Sheep Wait For Wolf
    • Goodnight Mr. Maugham
    • It's Too Bad

Even A Blind Chicken Finds A Kernal Of Corn:  1990-1994

    • Released in 1998

      Contains the majority of "L'Ajre" and "His Absense Is A Blessing" and some other tracks over five years. Download Now or Buy CD
    • Slipstream
    • Little Sister
    • Scruffy
    • St. Patrick's Day
    • Homoactivity
    • Scrawl
    • Three Beatings
    • Slow Burn
    • Our Secret
    • The Chain
    • Inside Outside
    • Shithead
    • Slipstream
    • Scruffy Tumor
    • No Revolution
    • Eye Window
    • Pearl Harbor
    • Motel Blues
    • Violet
    • Around A Light
    • In The Bleak Midwinter
    • Incanduce California
    • Insiders
    • Hangman
    • The Smoochy Life
    • Scruffy Tumor


    • Released 1998

      Changes begin with a move to Chicago and a move to the Tooth & Nail label.          Download Now or Buy CD
    • Eff
    • I Must Prepare (Tablecloth Tint)
    • Said It Too Late
    • Redeye
    • Empty Elevator Shaft
    • Beyond Repair
    • Tonight We're Meat
    • Ritz Dance
    • Pearly Gates
    • Clean'd Me Out


    • Released in 2000

      Drummer Michael Dahlquist's lead vocals on "Around the Outline" is a highlight.      Download Now or Buy CD
    • Contempt
    • Slave Wages
    • Treat The New Guy Right
    • Plain
    • Roots
    • Yr Web
    • That's Entertainment
    • Raging Bull
    • Around The Outline
    • Dead Air
    • Ooh La La
    • The Bones

Italian Platinum

    • Released in 2002

      Massive touring schedule followed their second release on Tooth & Nail.  Download Now or Buy CD
    • (I Hope U) Don't Survive
    • The Third
    • The Old You
    • Is She A Sign
    • The Brain
    • Bourbon Beard
    • LR72
    • White Lightning
    • Dirty Air
    • Young
    • Moving
    • The Ram
    • A Cockfight Of Feelings

You Are Dignified

    • Released in 2003

      A collection of covers by bands like Pavement and Bedhead. Acoustic.            Not Available To Buy
    • Prayer To God
    • And Then...
    • Lepidoptera
    • Let's Kill Saturday Night
    • That's All There Is

It'll Be Cool

    • Released in 2004

      Steve Albini produces one of the bands most diverse sounding projects to date.  Download Now or Buy CD
    • "Don't Look Back"
    • Insomnia
    • Penalty Box
    • Something Hyper
    • Xian Undertaker
    • Shitty Little Yacht
    • The Operative
    • [untitled]


    • Released in 2006

      The final release is an EP of recordings salvaged from unfinished sessions.      Click To Buy It!
    • Bar Ice
    • Low Blow
    • Internat'l Harbor Of Grace
    • Lily White And Cherry Red
    • Wrote A Song For Every One
    • Spanish Harlem Incident