Aaron Stauffer,
Clint Werner, Guitar
Wade Neal, Guitar
John Atkins, Bass
Bob Bulgrien, Drums  (Departed after "Spanaway")
Alan Cage, Drums  (1999)
Jesse Fox, Drums (Currently)

Formed in 1989, Tacoma

Lead vocalist Aaron Stauffer along with best friend, guitarist Clint Werner, formed Seaweed in Tacoma with their other high school buddies, Wade Neal, John Atkins and Bob Bulgrien.  They signed to Sub Pop and released "Despised", produced by Jack Endino, who also assisted the band with their next release on Sub Pop, "Weak".  In 1993, their version of "Go Your Own Way" was spotlighted in the movie "Clerks", giving them added exposure prior to the release of their final project for Sub Pop, "Four".   Their one record with the label Hollywood, "Spanaway",  didn't live up to expectations and the band released their last project on "Merge" and then called it quits in 1999.

Seaweed re-united and took the stage in the 2007 "Bumbershoot" Festival in Seattle.  The four original members were joined on drums by Jesse Fox.  A new album is in the creative stages.


    • Released in 1990

      Thier first EP, recorded in late 1989/early 1990 and released on Tupelo.        Click To Buy It!
    • Just a Smirk
    • Installing
    • Stargirl
    • Deertrap
    • Inside
    • Love Gut
    • Carousel
    • Patchwork


    • Released in 1991

      Their first full-length project, produced by Jack Endino and released on Sub Pop.      Click To Buy It!
    • Selfish
    • One Out of Four
    • Rethink
    • Stale
    • Bought It
    • Sit in Glass
    • Installing
    • Patchwork
    • Inside
    • Lovegut


    • Released in 1992

      Jack Endino returns to produce the bands second album on Sub Pop.          Click To Buy It!
    • Recall
    • The Way It Ends
    • Baggage
    • Stagger
    • Taxing
    • New Tools
    • Bill
    • Clean Slate
    • Shut Up!
    • Squint

Go Your Own Way   (EP)

    • Released in 1993

      "Go Your Own Way" was featured in the movie "Clerks" giving the band big notice. Click To Buy It!
    • Go Your Own Way
    • Losing Skin  [Remix]
    • Card Tricks
    • She Cracked


    • Released in 1993

      Seaweed produced their final project with Sub Pop themselves. "Losing Skin" grabbed some airplay.     Click To Buy it!
    • Losing Skin
    • Card Tricks
    • Chalk the Cracks
    • One Inch Punch
    • Kid Candy
    • Oversight
    • Turnout
    • In Fairness
    • Wait for the Fade
    • Metal Gazer
    • Your Privilege


    • Released in 1995

      Their quick marriage to Hollywood Records gave us the single "Start With".     Click To Buy It!
    • Free Drug Zone
    • Crush Us All
    • Start With
    • Common Mistake
    • Magic Mountainman
    • Saturday Nitrous
    • Undeniable Hate
    • Defender
    • Assistant (to the manager)
    • Punchy (the clown)
    • Not Saying Anything
    • Last Humans
    • Peppy's Bingo

Actions & Indications
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