Charlie Campbell, Vocals/Guitar
Chris Brady, Bass/Vocals
David Triebwasser, Drums

Formed in 1991, Portland

High School pals in Juneau, Alaska, Charlie Campbell and Chris Brady moved to Portland, Oregon in 1989.  In 1991, they hooked up with David Triebwasser and Pond was formed.  Pond played at the 1992 New Music Seminar to widespread acclaim and were soon signed to Sub Pop Records for their first two albums, followed by a major label deal with Sony Records subsidiary Work Records.  That third album also became their last.   Pond called it quits in 1998.


    • Released in 1993

      Their first album released on Seattle's Subpop label contained the single "Young Splendor".                        Click To Buy It!
    • Young Splendor
    • Perfect Four
    • Gone
    • Agatha
    • Tree
    • Wheel
    • Spots
    • Foamy
    • Grinned
    • Filler

The Practice Of Joy Before Death
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Rock Collection

    • Released in 1997

      The bands third album, first on Sony Records' Work label, but also their last project.  Click To Buy it!
    • Spokes
    • You're Not An Astronaut
    • Scoliosis
    • One Day In The Future
    • Twins
    • You're Not A Seed
    • Flawed
    • My Dog Is An Astronaut, Though
    • Forget
    • Golden
    • Greyhound
    • Rebury Me
    • Filterless
    • [untitled track]
    • [untitled track]
    • Ugly