Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder, Vocals
Jeff Ament, Bass
Stone Gossard, Rhythm Guitar
Mike McCready, Lead Guitar
Matt Cameron, Drums  (1998-Present)
Former Drummers:  Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain,
                                    Dave Abbruzzese, Jack Irons

Formed in 1990, Seattle

Founding members Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard have a rich rock history in Seattle with the bands Green River, Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone...all ground-breaking Northwest acts.  Together with Mike McCready they layed the groundwork for Pearl Jam. 

  Ament, Gossard and McCready put together a demo and gave it to former Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer, Jack Irons, to gauge his interest in joining them and to help find a lead vocalist.  Irons decided against joining them and gave the demo to his buddy Eddie Vedder, who was vocalist for the San Diego band, Bad Radio, and worked part time at a gas station.  Vedder recorded vocals for three of the songs, including "Alive", and he joined Pearl Jam shortly afterward.

  They originally called themselves "Mookie Blaylock", named after the basketball player, but concerned about trademark violations they soon changed it to Pearl Jam.  On October 22, 1990, they played their first concert at the Off Ramp in Seattle and soon after signed to a major label contract with Epic Records.  They recorded their debut album, Ten, at London Bridge Studios in Seattle in March 1991.  Ten, like their original band name, referred to Mookie Blaylock's jersey number.  The debut project was officially released on August 27, 1991.

In 1992, Pearl Jam was everywhere - Saturday Night LiveMTV Unplugged, Lollapalooza, the Singles Soundtrack.  Their heavy exposure culminated with four awards at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards including Video of the Year and Best Group Video for for "Jeremy".  Epic began pressing the band to produce a video for "Black", however, as noted in a Rolling Stone Interview by Cameron Crowe on 10/28/93 ..."The line was drawn at "Black."  Eddie Vedder refused to turn the song into a video and the band supported it.  "Ten years from now," Jeff Ament tells Vedder, 'I don't want people to remember our songs as videos."

In 1994, after finding out that Ticketmaster was adding service charges, Gossard and Ament testified at a subcommittee investigation on that practice. Afterward, they refused to play venues that had contracts with Ticketmaster.  For almost four years they fought the battle, avoiding large scale touring in the U.S. because of it.  Finally, beginning with the Yield Tour, and future tours, Pearl Jam began using Ticketmaster in order to "better accommodate concertgoers".

Although it's not just Ticketmaster that the band, and Eddie Vedder as spokesperson, has taken on.  Pearl Jam has continued to be vocal in many social and political issues, ranging from pro-choice activities and promoting the environment, as well as expressing deep opposition to President Bush and foreign policy.  They've performed  a large numbers of benefit concerts in aid of charities.

Pearl Jam Discography:


    • Released in 1991

      Released on 8/27/91, Ten  reached #2 on Billboard in late 1992. Three hit singles: "Even Flow", "Alive", and "Jeremy". Click To Buy It!
    • Once
    • Even Flow
    • Alive
    • Why Go
    • Black
    • Jeremy
    • Oceans
    • Porch
    • Garden
    • Deep
    • Release


    • Released in 1993

      At it's release, Vs. broke the record for most sold in a week and held the #1 spot for five straight weeks.       Click To Buy It!
    • Go
    • Animal
    • Daughter
    • Glorified G
    • Dissident
    • W.M.A.
    • Blood
    • Rearviewmirror
    • Rats
    • Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    • Leash
    • Indifference


    • Released in 1994

      Pearl Jam's third release becomes the second fastest selling album ever, after Vs.   Click To Buy it!
    • Last Exit
    • Spin The Black Circle
    • Not For You
    • Tremor Christ
    • Nothing Man
    • Whipping
    • Pry, To
    • Corduroy
    • Bugs
    • Satan's Bed
    • Better Man
    • Aye Davanita
    • Immortality
    • Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me

Merkinball   (Single)

    • Released in 1995

      Recorded during sessions for Neil Young's album "Mirror Ball" in February '95. Click To Buy It!
    • I Got Shit   [I Got Id]
    • Long Road

No Code

    • Released in 1996

      The band's fourth album brings a bit more noise than the others and a new drummer, Jack Irons.      Click To Buy It!
    • Sometimes
    • Hail, Hail
    • Who You Are
    • In My Tree
    • Smile
    • Off He Goes
    • Habit
    • Red Mosquito
    • Lukin
    • Present Tense
    • Mankind
    • I'm Open
    • Around The Bend


    • Released in 1998

      They return a bit to their earlier sound. The cover photo was taken from a road outside Billings, Montana.      Click To Buy It!
    • Brain Of J
    • Faithfull
    • No Way
    • Given To Fly
    • Wishlist
    • Pilate
    • Do The Evolution
    • (Red Dot)
    • MFC
    • Low Light
    • In Hiding
    • Push Me Pull Me
    • All Those Yesterdays

Single Video Theory   (DVD)

    • Released 1998

      Behind the scenes of the band's various sessions in Seattle including interviews with the band.                 Click To Buy DVD
    • All Those Yesterdays
    • Faithfull
    • Brain of J.
    • Given to Fly
    • No Way
    • MFC
    • Wishlist
    • In Hiding
    • Low Light
    • Do the Evolution

Live On Two Legs

    • Released 1998

      Various live performances from different shows during their 1998 summer tour. Click To Buy It!
    • Corduroy   [United Center, Chicago]
    • Given To Fly   [East Lansing, Mich]
    • Hail, Hail   [Sacramento, CA]
    • Daughter  [Washington, DC]
    • Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town   [W. Palm Beach]
    • (Untitled Track)   [Columbia, MD]
    • MFC    [East Troy, WI]
    • Go    [East Rutherford, NJ]
    • Red Mosquito    [Camden, NJ]
    • Even Flow    [Pittsburgh, PA]
    • Off He Goes    [Inglewood, CA]
    • Nothingman    [Bonner Springs, KS]
    • Do The Evolution    [Vancouver, BC]
    • Better Man    [Rapid City, ND]
    • Black    [Virginia Beach, VA]
    • Fuckin' Up     [Mansfield, MA]


    • Released 2000

      Drummer Jack Irons departs and Matt Cameron, formerly of Soundgarden steps in. Click To Buy It!
    • Breakerfall
    • Gods' Dice
    • Evacuation
    • Light Years
    • Nothing As It Seems
    • Thin Air
    • Insignificance
    • Of the Girl
    • Grievance
    • Rival
    • Sleight of Hand
    • Soon Forget
    • Parting Ways

Live In Seattle - November 6, 2000

    • Released in 2001

      One of 72 live albums in 2000 & 2001, setting a record for most albums to debut in Billboard at the same time. Click To Buy It!
    • Incredible 30-Song concert that wrapped up their 2000 tour - likely the best of all 72 live performances available on CD.

Touring Band 2000   (DVD)

    • Released in 2001

      Performances from the U.S. portion of their 2000 Binaural Tour, several from the 11/6 show in Seattle.             Click To Buy DVD
    • 3 Hours, 28 songs, 19 U.S. cities
    • DVD extras include a montage of their European tour
    • Montage of outtakes of the band
    • Three previously unreleased instrumentals

Riot Act

    • Released in 2002

      Pearl Jam's seventh studio album was not the normal huge success, peaking at #5 on the album chart.          Click To Buy It!
    • Can't Keep
    • Save You
    • Love Boat Captain
    • Cropduster
    • Ghost
    • I Am Mine
    • Thumbing My Way
    • You Are
    • Get Right
    • Green Disease
    • Help Help
    • Bu$hleaguer
    • 1/2 Full
    • Arc
    • All or None

Lost Dogs:  Rarities and B-Sides

    • Released in 2003

      A double-disc collection of B-sides, rarities, unreleased tracks and other lost dogs. Click To Buy It!
    • DISC ONE:  All Night;  Sad; Down;  Hitchhiker;  Don't Gimme No Lip;  Alone;  In The Moonlight; Education;  Black Red Yellow;  "U"; Leavin' Here;  Gremmie Out of Control;  Whale Song;  Undone; Hold On;  Yellow Ledbetter.
    • DISC TWO:  Fatal;  Otherside;  Hard To Imagine;  Footsteps;  Wash;  Dead Man;  Strangest Tribe;  Drifting;  Let Me Sleep;     Last Kiss;  Sweet Lew;  Dirty Frank;  Brother;  Bee Girl

Live At The Garden   (DVD)

    • Released in 2003

      Two DVD's that document Pearl Jam during their Riot Act Tour.  Click To Buy DVD
    • 30 Concert Tracks on Two DVD's

    • Also includes several bonus songs, including four montages
    • Features an improv by Mike McCready
    • Includes "hidden" track "Hunger Strike" from 7/19/03

Live At Benaroya Hall

    • Released in 2004

      Live two-disc album, recorded on October 22, 2003 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  Click To Buy it!
    • DISC ONE:  Of the Girl;  Low Light;  Thumbing My Way;  Thin Air;  Fatal;  Nothing As It Seem;  Man Of The Hour;  Immortality;          Off He Goes; Around The Bend;  I Believe In Miracles;            Sleight Of Hand;  All Or None;  Lukin
    • DISC TWO:  Parting Ways;  Down;  Encore Break;  Can't Keep;  Dead Man;  Masters Of War;  Black;  Crazy Mary;                              25 Minutes To Go;  Daughter;  Encore Break;  Yellow Ledbetter.

Rearviewmirror:  Greatest Hits 1991-2003

    • Released in 2004

      Pearl Jam's only true "Greatest Hits" album.     Contains 33 tracks on two CD's.  Click To Buy It!
    • DISC ONE:  Once;  Alive;  Even Flow;  Jeremy;  State of Love and Trust;  Animal;  Go;  Dissident;  Rearviewmirror;  Spin The Black Circle;  Corduroy;  Not For You;  I Got Id;  Hail Hail;  Do The Evolution;  Save You.
    • DISC TWO:  Black;  Breath;  Daughter;  Elderly Woman...;  Immortality;  Better Man;  Nothingman;  Who Are You;  Off He Goes;  Given To Fly;  Wishlist;  Last Kiss;  Nothing As It Seems;  Light Years;  I Am Mine;  Man Of The Hour;  Yellow Ledbetter.

Pearl Jam

    • Released in 2006

      The album was called the "Best Pearl Jam album in ten years" by Rolling Stone. Click To Buy It!
    • Life Wasted
    • World Wide Suicide
    • Comatose
    • Severed Hand
    • Marker in the Sand
    • Parachutes
    • Unemployable
    • Big Wave
    • Gone
    • Wasted Reprise
    • Army Reserve
    • Come Back
    • Inside Job

Live From Easy Street

    • Released in 2006

      A live show at Easy Street Records in Seattle in April 2005 and released only to independent record stores.  Click To Buy It!
    • Pearl Jam in a surprise performance at Indie Record Store "Easy Street" on California Avenue in West Seattle, in support of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores.  The set was actually sixteen songs, however only seven are included on this CD:
    • Intro
    • 1/2 Full
    • Lukin
    • American In Me
    • Save You
    • Bleed For Me
    • The New World
    • Porch

Live At The Gorge

    • Released in 2007

      Seven disc boxset with the band's 2005 and 2006 shows at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington. Click To Buy It!
    • One Hundred Live Tracks are included on these seven discs from shows on September 1, 2005 and July 22 and 23rd, 2006.

Immagine In Cornice:  Picture  In A Frame   (DVD)

    • Released in 2007

      Immagine In Cornice, Italian for "picture in a frame," is a live concert film from their 2006 five-concert tour of Italy.  Click To Buy DVD
    • Severed Hand
    • World Wide Suicide
    • Life Wasted
    • Corduroy
    • State Of Love And Trust
    • Porch
    • Even Flow
    • Better Man
    • Alive
    • Blood
    • Comatose
    • Come Back
    • Rockin' In The Free World

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