Jon Auer

Solo Artist from The Posies

Jon Auer's musical journey started in the late 80s in Bellingham, WA, where he formed legendary power pop band The Posies. Their first record Failure was recorded and mixed by a teenage Jon in his fathers home studio. Two years later The Posies signed a deal with DGC/Geffen and made four records for them, including the landmark Frosting on the Beater, which includes Jons classic singles Dream all Day and Flavor of the Month as well as his dark and epic Coming Right Along, which was featured on The Basketball Diaries soundtrack. The Posies have released six studio albums,
an e.p., two live albums, a 4-CD box set, and a Best Of collection. 
[Bio information from Jon Auer's MySpace page]

The Perfect Size   [EP]
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6 1/2   [EP]
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Private Sides   [EP]
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Songs From The Year Of Our Demise

    • Released in 2006

      Jon Auer's first full-length solo project is a gem.      Click To Buy It!
    • Six Feet Under
    • Bottom Of The Bottle
    • The Likes Of You
    • Four Letter Word
    • Angelita
    • You Used To Drive Me Around
    • Song Noir
    • Daytime Lullaby
    • Josephine
    • Cemetery Song
    • My Sweet Unknown
    • Adios
    • Sundown
    • Wicked World
    • The Year Of Our Demise