Jack Endino

Jack Endino, Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums
Rob Skinner, Bass
Daniel House, Bass  (Earthworm)
Alex Sibbald, Bass  (Permanent Fatal Error)
Pat Peterson, Bass  (Permanent Fatal Error)
Barrett Martin, Drums
Greg Gilmore, Drums  (Earthworm)
Josh Sinder, Drums  (Permanent Fatal Error)

Formed in 1989, Seattle

When Skin Yard fell apart in summer '89, Jack met up with a drummer named Barrett Martin and started jamming with him and Rob Skinner from Coffin Break. Jack wrote some songs, recorded a few, then somehow Skin Yard fell back together with Barrett as the drummer.  Still, "Endino's Earthworm" endured, and they managed to play a whole 4 shows over a 7-year period.   13 Years later Jack Endino and friends released "Permanent Fatal Error".
- Excerpts from Jack Endino, endino.com

Jack Endino has placed his touch on many Pacific Northwest bands, including:  Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Green River, Mudhoney, Tad, Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Treepeople, The Accused, Love Battery, Seaweed, Gas Huffer, Gruntruck, Supersuckers, Malfunkshun, The Gits...and many more.

Angle Of Attack

    • Released in 1990

      Greg Gilmore helps out on tracks 6, 11, 12 and 14, otherwise it's all Jack... vocals, bass, drums and guitar.  Click To Buy It!
    • Salvation
    • X-Echo 1
    • Create What You Fear
    • Folks, Let's Nebulate
    • Big Seth
    • Sideways Savannah
    • Find The Key
    • X-Echo 2
    • Naive Bid For HM Stardom #2
    • Angle Of Attack
    • Time Is Running Out
    • Post-X
    • Naive Big #1
    • Bold Leaps Of Unreason...(Part II)

Endino's Earthworm

    • Released in 1992

      On one track or another, Jack Endino eventually plays every instrument and percussion.  Jack is a Seattle prodigy.   Click To Buy It!
    • How Much Time?
    • Talk Yourself Blind
    • American Nightmare (Revisited)
    • Someone
    • Eat Your Friends
    • See Right Through Me
    • Inside My Head
    • Fly On Your Windshield  [Demo Version]
    • Suspension Of Disbelief

Permanent Fatal Error

    • Released in 2005

      Thirteen Years had passed before the release of Jack's third project on Wondertaker.  Click To Buy It!
    • Count Me Out
    • Strangelove
    • Elusive
    • Only Way For Me
    • Permanent Fatal Error
    • Follow The Sun
    • Bait
    • Reach
    • Get Out
    • Van Allen Wrench
    • Waiting
    • Schwang
    • Flight Of The Wax Tadpole
    • Swallow The Acid
    • Bringing Me Down