Sadie 7, Bass  [Beth Liebling]
Campbell 2000, Guitar/Samplist  [Ryan Shinn]
Dash 11, Drums  [Ric Peterson]

(Former members include: Paul 4, Jerome 230, Paul 3-30)

Formed in 1993, Seattle

Guitarist and guru sampler Ryan Shinn, and bassist  Beth Liebling, using the pseudonyms "Campbell 2000" and "Sadie 7",  have been with the band throughout the duration of their history, having met in med school.   Hovercraft received major-label distribution for its albums when Akathisia was distributed by Mute Records in North America in 1995 and during that year was the opener for Mike Watt's '95 U.S. tour.  Beth's ex-husband, Eddie Vedder, joined the band as drummer during the tour, disguising himself in long-haired wigs.  The band is purely instrumental, in a non-tradional sense, and would be hard to accurately describe...Experimental, Atmospheric, Space, Noise...their unusually long tracks were known for their looping, sampling and reverberation from Ryan Shinn, a steady pulsating bass from Beth and in 1998, for their final project, brought in Ric Peterson, as Dash 11, and his hard-hitting drum style.  Beth and Vedder divorced in 2000.

Been Brained

    • Released in 1994

      Five cuts at 17 minutes of early experimental space-bending on this EP.  Click To Buy It!
    • Has Been
    • Sugarcoat
    • Weeded Out
    • Out There
    • To Sleep


    • Released in 1997

      The band's unique exprimental style of instrumentation gets a shot of national exposure.      Click To Buy It!
    • Quiet Room (44)
    • Angular Momentum
    • Haloparidol
    • Vagus Nerve
    • De-Orbit Burn

Experiment Below

    • Released in 1998

      The title says it all.  Former med students Sadie & Campbell are doing some wicked experiments here.  Click To Buy It!
    • Anthropod
    • Phantom Limb
    • Transmitter Down
    • Endoradiosonde
    • Benzedrine
    • Wire Trace
    • Epoxy