Harvey Danger

Sean Nelson, Vocals
Jeff J. Lin, Guitar, Piano, Violin
Aaron Huffman, Guitar, Bass
Evan Sult, Drums
(Michael Welke, Drums 2004+ / Rob Knop, Keyboards  2005+)

Formed in 1992, Seattle

Taking their name from a phrase that was graffitied on a wall at the University of Washington, classmates Jeff Lin and Aaron Huffman invited Evan Sult to be their drummer and his classmate Sean Nelson.  Coming together in 1992-93, it took Harvey Danger five years to release their debut album, but on that album they had a hit: "Flagpole Sitta".  In 2001, the band took a hiatus for a few years and returned with a slightly different lineup.

Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?

    • Released in 1997

      Five years after the band officially formed, they released their first abum with the hit "Flagpole Sitta".        Click To Buy It!
    • Carlotta Valdez
    • Flagpole Sitta
    • Woolly Muffler
    • Private Helicopter
    • Problems and Bigger Ones
    • Jack the Lion
    • Old Hat
    • Terminal Annex
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Radio Silence

Flagpole Sitta (Single EP)

    • Released in 1998

      The three-cut single was released with "The Ballad of the Tragic Hero" included, which was not on the LP. Click To Buy It!
    • Flagpole Sitta
    • Wrecking Ball
    • The Ballad Of The Tragic Hero

King James Version

    • Released in 2000

      Sean Nelson's vocals remain as quirky as ever on their second full-length that was released on Sire.            Click To Buy it!
    • Meetings With Remarkable Men (Show Me the Hero)
    • Humility On Parade
    • Why I'm Lonely
    • Sad Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
    • You Miss the Point Completely I Get the Point Exactly
    • Authenticity
    • (Theme from) Carjack Fever
    • Pike St./Park Slope
    • (This Is) the Thrilling Conversation You've Been Waiting For
    • Loyalty Bldg.
    • Underground
    • The Same as Being in Love

Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (EP)

    • Released in 2004

      The title song was originally recorded for a 1998 CD compiled by Kevin and Bean, of KROQ in Los Angeles.

      Click To Buy it!
    • Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)
    • Plague of Locusts
    • Wine, Women, and Song [Demo from Little By Little]
    • Pike St./Park Slope [Demo from King James Version]
    • Jack the Lion [Live at The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle]

Little By Little

    • Released in 2005

      First released on  their own label, later Olympia's Kill Rock Stars released it nationwide.  Download Now or Buy CD
    • Wine, Women, and Song
    • Cream and Bastards Rise
    • Moral Centralia
    • Little Round Mirrors
    • Happiness Writes White
    • Incommunicado
    • Cool James
    • What You Live By
    • War Buddies
    • Diminishing Returns
    • I Missed It
    • Picture, Picture
    • Cream and Bastards Rise (writing snippet)
    • Elvis, I Don't Love You Anymore
    • Cold Snap
    • Little Round Mirrors (writing snippet)
    • Moral Centralia" (demo)
    • Cream and Bastards Reprise
    • The Piano Lesson (hidden track)

Cream And Bastards Rise (Single EP)

    • Released in 2005

      Includes a live version of King James Version's "Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo". Download Now or Buy CD
    • Cream And Bastards Rise
    • Picture, Picture
    • Sad Sweetheart Of The Rodeo [Live]
    • Cream And Bastards Rise [Reprise]

Little Round Mirrors (EP)

    • Released in 2006

      We Drew the Maps is the first Harvey Danger song not to feature Sean Nelson on lead vocals.                     Click To Buy It!
    • Little Round Mirrors
    • Oh! You Pretty Things [Live]
    • We Drew the Maps
    • Wrecking Ball [Live]
    • Radio Silence [Live]