Green Apple Quick Step

Ty Willman, Vocals/Guitar
MariAnn Braeden, Bass/Vocals
Danny Kempthorn, Guitar
Bob Martin, Drums
Steve Ross, Guitar
(Jeff Redding, Dana Cheapskate, Eric Munday, Jarrod Kaplan)

Formed in 1991, Seattle

Despite a short span of three albums, Green Apple Quick Step also appeared on the soundtracks of Basketball Diaries and The Cable Guy.  Ty Willman did lead vocal duties on the first single of Stone Gossard's solo album, Bayleaf.  Ty and MariAnn Braeden also worked Pearl Jam's Mike McCready.  Favorite tracks include Dirty Water Ocean, Dizzy & Los Vargos.

Wonderful Virus

    • Released in 1994

      The band's debut album was released on Medicine Records, a division of Giant Records.  Click To Buy It!

    • Dirty Water Ocean
    • Broken
    • Ludes and Cherrybombs
    • Bottle
    • Rapid
    • Feel My Way
    • Pay The Rent
    • Can't Believe
    • Eating On All Fours
    • Stereo


    • Released in 1995

      Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard gave the band free use of his home studio and also helped produce "Reloaded".   Click To Buy It!
    • Hotel Wisconsin
    • Ed #5
    • No Favors
    • T.V. Girl
    • Under Water
    • Dizzy
    • Alligator
    • Los Vargos
    • Tango
    • Lazy
    • Space C*cksucker
    • Halloween

New Disaster

    • Released in 1998

      The band's focus on this project is a bit more hard-edged and was also their last album.     Unavailable To Buy
    • Sleeper
    • Monkey Brains
    • Way Of The World
    • Stars
    • Kid
    • Bullet Proof
    • New Disaster
    • It's So Easy
    • Big Screen
    • To All The Lovers
    • Sixes And Sevens