Girl Trouble

Kurt P. Kendall, Vocals/Saxophone
Kahuna, Guitar
Dale Phillips, Bass
Bon Von Wheelie, Drums

Formed in 1983, Tacoma

Girl Trouble first hit the stage in 1984 and soon signed to Olympia's K Records, making their vinyl debut in 1987 with two singles "Riverbed" and "Old Time Religion". Sub-Pop Records released their first full-length album, Hit It or Quit It, a year later.  One of their tracks, "Gonna Find A Cave", also showed up on the Sub Pop 200 compilation, which included tracks from many Pacific Northwest bands set to break out, including Nirvana and Soundgarden.  Known for taking their time between releases, they call themselves the "slowest working band in showbiz"...but certainly one with longevity.

The Story of Girl Trouble as told on their MySpace Page...In 1964 Bon met Kahuna, her brother. Later, in 1983, Kahuna took up the guitar he'd built in high school shop class. Bon bought a little drumset from the Sears surplus store. They began to play together in an old shed located next to their parents house. Kahuna played one string and Bon played pretty much as she does today. School friend, Dale Phillips, decided to come over and play his fake Fender bass. The new trio practiced for a few months until they decided it would be a lot easier on everyone if somebody else could sing. They looked through all the possibilities and noticed that K.P. Kendall was taking over as self-appointed Master of Ceremonies at every party they attended. This was exactly the frontman they needed to keep everybody entertained while Kahuna changed broken guitar strings.

TWENTY-THREE YEARS LATER...the same four people are Girl Trouble. After tons of releases on as many indie labels; shows in every punk dive in the Northwest; tours of the US, Canada and Europe; and publication of the fanzine Wig Out, their long climb on the stairway to stardom is not over least thats what they think! Meet them now or meet them later, eventually youll have to meet them. As Girl Trouble says, Our friends are on major labels. We are on medication. For more information, please stop by the official website listed here.
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Hit It or Quit It

    • Released in 1988

      First full-length release on SubPop is now hard to find.  Currently Not Available
    • Wreckin' Ball
    • Primeval
    • Hot Monkey Love
    • Riverbed
    • Hurt Your Heart
    • Old Time Religion
    • Steppin' Out
    • Follow Me Down
    • She No Rattle My Cage
    • The Skin
    • My Baby's Gone
    • Where's The Loser

Stomp And Shout  [EP]

    • Released in 1990

      Six Track EP, also out of print and a collectors item.    Currently Not Available
    • Take A Look At Me
    • Hey Mrs. Jones
    • Out Of Our Tree
    • Little Sally Tease
    • Leaving Here
    • Louie Louie


    • Released in 1990

      The first track from their second full album was written by Shel Silverstein.     Click To Buy It!
    • Marie LaVeau
    • Bring On The Dancing Girls
    • Railroad To Tears
    • Neko Loves Rock 'n' Roll
    • But Baby
    • Gotta Get A Little Bit
    • Groove Detector
    • Prison Betty
    • When Opposites Attract
    • Coffee Mama
    • Warpath
    • 13 Women

New American Shame

    • Released in 1993

      The project kicks off with a tribute song to the band's hometown of Tacoma.    Click To Buy it!
    • My Hometown
    • Men's Room
    • Cold Shoulder
    • Color Me Gone
    • Sister Mary Motorcycle
    • Ritual Of The Lame
    • This House Of Stone
    • Storm Warning
    • High Octane Revival
    • Put The Blame On Me
    • How Can I Be Out When I Ain't Been In?
    • To Tame A Woman

Tuesdays Thursdays & Sundays

    • Released in 1998

      It'd been five years since their last full-length project.     Click To Buy It!
    • Go Metropolitan
    • Live With No Tomorrow
    • Intoxicating Criminal Diecast Cool
    • There's A Waste
    • Strother Martin
    • Cross-County Curfew
    • Princess Phone
    • The Track
    • Louisianappeal
    • Common Law Loners
    • Don't Ask Me
    • Scorpio 9
    • Mr. Thackeray's Day Off

The Illusion Of Excitement

    • Released in 2003

      Once again, another five years, and another album.  Currently Not Available
    • Community Creep
    • Strictly Sacred
    • This Thing Called Love
    • Trunk City
    • When I Saw You Last Night
    • Going Going For It
    • Rhythm & Rhyme
    • Let It Go
    • Rockin' Good Way
    • Simulator
    • Stalking
    • Just A Little Bit