Gas Huffer

Matt Wright, Vocals/Guitar
Tom Price, Guitar
Don Blackstone, Bass
Joe Newton, Drums

Formed in 1989, Seattle

They called themselves a form of Garage punk. Gas Huffer created comic books with each album (drawn by all four members of the band, including Joe Newton, now deputy art director for Rolling Stone magazine), that contain the lyrics to the songs.

They played their final show,

"The Last Huffer", at Seattle's
infamous Crocodile Cafe on
January 14, 2006.

Janitors Of Tomorrow

    • Released in 1991

      Jack Endino, who also produced Nirvana's Bleach, puts his touch on this debut effort from Gas Huffer.  Click To Buy It!
    • Nisqually
    • Shoe Factory
    • Night Train To Spokane
    • Going To Las Vegas
    • Dangerous Drifter
    • Robert
    • Mistake
    • All That Guff
    • Lizard Hunt
    • Insidious
    • Love Comes Creeping
    • Compromise In The Dark
    • Girl I Need Your Lovin' (Right Now)
    • Want To Kiss You
    • Eat You Whole
    • Buck Naked
    • Mouthful
    • Firebug
    • Jesus Was My Only Friend

Intergrity Technology & Service

    • Released in 1992

      One year later, Gas Huffer  picks up right where they left off and again produced by Jack Endino.  Currently Unavailable to Buy.
    • George Washington
    • Bad Vibes
    • Overworked Folk Hero Guy
    • Uncle!
    • The Piano Movers
    • In The Grass
    • Bomb Squad
    • Do The Brutus
    • Remove The Shoe
    • I.T.S. Credo
    • Where Wolfmen Lurk
    • Moon Mission
    • Sandfleas

One Inch Masters

    • Released in 1994

      Third release finds another Seattle music master, Kurt Bloch, producing this for the band's new label, Epitaph.    Click To Buy it!
    • Crooked Bird
    • Mr. Sudbuster
    • More Of Everything
    • Stay In Your House
    • 14th & Jefferson
    • Walla Walla Bang Bang
    • Appendix Gone
    • Chicken Foot
    • What's In The Bag?
    • Hand Of The Nomad
    • Quasimodo '94
    • No Smoking
    • Action/Adventure
    • Goat No Have

Inhuman Ordeal Of Special Agent Gas Huffer

    • Released in 1996

      The band continues to have it's fun with craziness from drum stompping to an old music education clip.      Click To Buy It!
    • You Are Not Your Job
    • Fall Of The Kingfish
    • Sixty Three Hours
    • Mosquito Stomp
    • Carolina Hot Foot
    • Matt's Mood
    • Smile No More
    • Tiny Life
    • Double-O-Bum
    • The Sin Of Sloth
    • Numbnuts Cold
    • Discovery Park
    • Money: 1, Fun: 0
    • Plant You Now

Just Beautiful Music

    • Released in 1998

      The band that calls themselves garage punk with a bit of rockabilly flair, continues it's unique style.  Click To Buy It!
    • Rotten Egg
    • Beware Of Viking
    • Over The Side
    • Is That For Me?
    • Clay Pigeon
    • Old Man Winter
    • Hacked
    • The Last Act
    • The Princess
    • Don't Panic
    • Jungles Of Guam
    • The Surgeons
    • Mr. Inbetween
    • Cut The Check
    • Bridge To The 21st Century
    • You May Have Already Won

The Rest Of Us
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Lemonade For Vampires
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The Shrill Beeps Of Shrimp  (EP)

    • Released in 1994

      Four-cut EP released prior to their second album.         Click To Buy It!
    • BMX
    • Bedtime For Freaky
    • Boot Check
    • Java Jet Pack

Van Full Of Videos  (VHS)

    • Released in 1998

      Footage never seen before. Rare jam session with Kurt Cobain, Grandmaster Fl ash, Bob Marley & John Lennon. Click To Buy It!
    • Video Clips on VHS Tape