Blood Circus

Michael Anderson, Vocals/Guitar
Geoff Robinson, Guitar
Tracey (T-Man) Simmons, Bass
Doug Day, Drums

Formed in 1988, Seattle

In 1988, Sub Pop released the band's only album, a 5-track EP called Primal Rock Therapy.  It was re-released in 1992 with additional tracks, which pretty much covered the bands entire catalog of recorded material.  They called it quits in 1990.  If you watch carefully, you can see the band briefly performing an unreleased song in the movie "Hype".

Primal Rock Therapy

    • Released in 1988

      Originally released in 1988, re-released in 1992 with five additional tracks from the 80s. Produced by Jack Endino. Click To Buy It!

    • Two Way Street
    • Six Foot Under
    • My Dad's Dead
    • Lime Green
    • Gnarly
    • Road To Hell
    • Part Of The Crowd
    • White Dress
    • Green Room
    • Electric Johnny
    • Sea Chanty
    • Bloodman