Alcohol Funnycar

Ben London, Vocals/Guitar
Tommy Simpson, Bass
Buzz Crocker, Drums  (1991-1994)
Joel Trueblood, Drums  (1995-1996)

Formed in 1991, Seattle

Vocalist/Guitarist Ben London moved to Seattle from Ohio, along with friends of future Seattle bands "The Gits" and "7 Year Bitch".  For London's band, he brought in former "Love Battery" bassist Tommy (Bonhead) Simpson, along with drummer Buzz Crocker.  After Crocker left in 1994, Joel Trueblood joined as drummer.  Alcohol Funnycar has been constantly compared with the Midwest/Minneapolis sound of The Replacements, Sugar and Husker Du, rather than the "Seattle sound". 
[Press Photo from C/Z Records]

Burn  [EP]

    • Released in 1993

      The first debut project is an EP with a sound that was compared to the likes of the Replacements.                 Click To Buy It!
    • Time
    • Burn
    • Aggravation
    • Pawn
    • Snapping The Straw

Time To Make The Donuts

    • Released in 1993

      The quick follow-up to the EP, also included a couple of tracks from it, released on C/Z Records.                   Click To Buy It!
    • Shapes
    • Get It Right
    • Try To Understand
    • All About It
    • Marblehead
    • Time
    • Tumble Down
    • Last Night
    • Aggravation
    • AFC Theme Song


    • Released in 1995

      Sometimes as you listen to this, it sounds a bit like an offshoot  from the Replacements.           Currently Not Available
    • Objects
    • Red Wine
    • Chicken Wings
    • Overtaken
    • Kindling
    • Weasels
    • Napoleon
    • Abandoned
    • Shoot You Down
    • Closed
    • Sun Spots
    • Lay Down