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Faded Flannel was conceived in Seattle in late 1997 as a name that would eventually encompass the many opportunities that the Seattle music scene of the nineties presented.  Those ideas included a webradio station dedicated to the music of the Pacific Northwest, a website presenting the opportunity to explore those artists and purchase their music, a nationally syndicated weekly or monthly show, interviews with the artists and those who were part of the scene...and the list goes on.

It was a side-project that was likely too big on ideas and too short on time and manpower.  The first protype of the website was developed in late 1998, while at an internet company in Los Angeles that worked with radio station websites themselves.  Back in  Seattle in 1999, there was preparation to begin some deployment.  Again, it was shelved in favor of other on-going business.  In 2002, "Faded Flannel" was brought to XM Satellite Radio as a one-hour feature show, broadcast nationwide on Channel 44, known as Fred.  It eventually moved over to the newer alternative channel, Ethel, where it resided until the feature ended it's run.

Now, ten years after the original concept, the website is finally online...FadedFlannel.com...and the overall plan remains the same on the future opportunities for Faded Flannel.   Additions and updates are continuing.  Thanks for stopping by!

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