7 Year Bitch

Selene Vigil, Vocals
Elizabeth Davis, Bass
Valerie Agnew, Drums
Stefanie Sargent, Guitar  (1990-1992)
Roisin Dunne, Guitar  (1992-1996)
Lisa Faye Beatty, Guitar  (1996-1997)

Formed in 1990, Seattle

7 Year Bitch was formed in 1990 after Vigil, Sargent, and Agnew had been playing together in the Seattle band Barbie's Dream Car.  After their bass player departed for Europe, Elizabeth Davis joined the band they renamed "7 Year Bitch".

Almost immediately after they signed with C/Z records in 1992, 7 Year Bitch was asked by Pearl Jam to take their place opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on three Northwest dates.

They soon began recording their first full-length, but due to the overdose death of guitarist Stephanie Sargent, their debut record, Sick 'Em, was delayed until October 1992.  Roisin Dunne came in to replace Stephanie, and they continued with their touring. 

In honor of their good friend Mia Zapata of "The Gits", who was murdered in 1993, the band released Viva Zapata! in 1994.

In 1995, 7 Year Bitch signed with Atlantic, releasing Gato Negro in 1996.  They toured for most of the year to support it, but Atlantic was disappointed in the sales and, in 1996, they were dropped after only the one record.

7 Year Bitch broke up late in 1997.

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Sick 'Em
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Viva Zapata!
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Gato Negro

    • Released in 1996

      Thier final act is for major label Atlantic, with three singles and a music video supporting the project.   Click To Buy It!
    • The History Of My Future
    • Crying Shame
    • Disillusion
    • Deep In The Heart
    • The Midst
    • 24,900 Miles Per Hour
    • Whoopie Cat
    • Miss Understood
    • Sore Subject
    • Rest My Head
    • 2nd Hand
    • Jack